deep calls to deep

‚Äčas human beings we are innately fascinated and connected with the water. We were born of water. submerged and enveloped from our earliest stirrings, we INSTINCTUALLY YEARN to return. The water is many things to many people- Serene, tranquil, SANCTUARY, STRANGELY alien, SOMEHOW familiar, awe-inspiring, frightening, breathtaking, unforgiving, Deadly, and  to a Small and fortunate few it becomes home.

Abyss Freediving understands  FIRSTHAND ALL OF THESE CHARACTERISTICS OF DIVING.  We also understand thaT AN unforgettable dive is never complete until your safe return to the surface to share your experience with the ones you love. Too many times an untrained and uninformed dive ends in tragedy. the greatest tragedy is that so many of these dangers can be avoided with proper training and HAVING proper safety measures in place.

 Let us help you explore the call of the deep safely and comfortably through the world class instruction and safety training OFERED BY PFI international courses. 

may the depths below speak to the depths of your soul.